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It's been a long time.
Hrmm so i'm getting a visa for the U.S. So i'm going to New York to see friends and family, to North Carolina to see Seth, and to Chicago to see Nazli. It's going to be amazing. I can't wait. It's been too long since i've last seen my friends. So what to do? I'm going to have a blast.
Tomorrow i'll have to be up real early and on the road to get my passport extended.
Here we go.
It just rained so beautifully outside i can't even find words to describe it. The lightning crashed so loud. Have to get my blanket and a pillow. With my window wide open, i am so sleeping in my living room tonight.
I threw a grand party last friday. The town is still talking about it. It's funny how when you throw a party with a certain concept in Istanbul, noone gives a shit and they just come over without it, so why bother?
I'm at work. We have a pre newyears party tomorrow so i am mad busy. Je travaille beaucoup mais je ne suis pas fatigue.
That's all.
My job rocks. I am working where i always wanted to work plus i'm making shit loads of money. Cannot complain.
Life's going better than ever. I am taking french lessons on weekends so soon i will be speaking that fluently as well. It's 5 pm. I will be going home in about half an hour. I might stop by to get coffee on the way back home. Tomorrow i have alot of appointments and stuff to take care of. Cha.
There is myspace craziness right now. I realized that i haven't even been here in a long time.
So i have been dealing with some hardcore burocracy for the past month.This morning i had my appointment with the Italian consolate to get a work visa.I wasn't really nervous about it to tell you the truth because i usually trust my gut feeling. I think i'm going to get it one way or another.
I got a job with one of the most internationally wellknown knitwear companies in Italy. They're creative,very professional and dedicated to what they do which was exactly what i was looking for. Plus they deal with your visa situation and give you the necessary documents so you can apply as a foreigner which is always a good thing.
After the appointment i was told that my file was missing one very important document so i made some phone calls as soon as i got back home and took care of it. If you want to get your stuff done fast you always need to know the right people.Fingers crossed everything seems to be taken care of for now. We'll see what happens till next tuesday.After that i'm off to wonderland.
Eda and Melissa left for Amsterdam this morning.
It was so nice, having them over for three days.Lucky bitches went to Amsterdam. I was going to go as well but have so much shit to do.
I wish they were still here. Waa waa.
had a little poisoning incident last night. After i finished eating my "delicious" tuna salad, thinking that it's healthy and what not, it decided that it didn't want to stay in my stomach for me to digest it. I was feeling really nauseous, but was still determined to go out and "party"with my friend Nur. When i went to her place, i was so fucked up that i could barely remember my own name, the next thing i remember is running to the bathroom every two minutes for the entire night. The whole aftermath of vomiting kicked my ass big time i must say. You know, the usual crying and not being able to breathe and all that. Nur was cooking and watching Jerry Maguire in the meantime and i think listening to Tom Cruise talking mixed with the smell of the food was actually what made me vomit.Hehe.Anyhow.
When i woke up this morning i felt like someone woke me up in the middle of the night and beat the crap out of me. I could barely move a limb, and had to go to school because i have some stuff to finish before Eda and Melissa arrive. Nevertheless, i still don't feel good. I tried boiling rice and eating that so it could calm my stomach down but it didn't really help. I went to see Constant Gardener tonight. I really liked the movie actually. The art direction was pretty amazing. It's 1 in the morning, i really should sleep so i can "hopefully"wake up early in the morning and go to school.