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I'm all you can eat for 10 million dollars. That's what we're worth, no?
antwerp, clouds, contemplating, contemporary art, day dreaming, earl grey tea, europe, experimenting with knitting, felting, fimo, forests, gina pane, gregory crewdson, iceland, installations, intellectual conversations, ipods, knitted socks, languages, listening to sigur ros, little kids' voices, loretta lux, lucid dreaming, more fimo, my oldass discman, nature, observing everything and everyone, off-white, polaroid cameras, pop up books, psychology, randomness, scents, screen printing, signs, snow, snow and silence, sociology, spaceships and futuristic patterns, spiritual connections, staged photography, stella mccartney shoes, stillness, stones and seashells, the grey city, the reason why, the sounds underwater, travelling, video art, white, white puffy jackets, writing

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